Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Winter 2013

 Here are some tracks made by a chicken who was hanging around the door of the house.  It had flown over the fence by the henhouse and was looking in my living room door face to face with the cat.  Anyway, she decided to venture back to the henhouse and here are her tracks.
 I went out one day in late February, and these eggs were flowing out of the roost.  Hens will lay eggs in the weirdest places.  And then one one does it, they all follow suit.
 Brian! He is so good!  I am asking him and Graham to do more of the heavy stuff around the yard because those 50 pound bags of feed are awkward and heavy.  No sweat for the strapping young men though - they do it for spite (and to show off), and, I guess, to help their poor mother.  The real reason I get Brian to bring that feed to the hen house is I actually afraid I will see a rat.  He doesn't seem to be a scared of rodents as I am.  Thanks Brian.

Here's a chicken sticking her head out but not venturing out into the snow.  They aren't called chickens for nothing!
Pecking the snow off my boots.  
 Another date late in February, I went to the henhouse and found 17 eggs!  Wow!  Most ever.  I laid them in the snow to clean them off a little.  That was surely a good find.

 One sunny, mild Saturday in February, I decided to build a snow sculpture of a chicken.  Here is Gail helping me.  What a fat hen!


What, you ask, does a pharmacist have to do with hobby farming?  Not a darn thing! But ain't he sweet!