Monday, 27 June 2011

Warmer Weather

Well, we finally get some warm weather, but the flies would carry ya away!  Them little black ones are the worst. My sister has gotten a few nasty bites the past few days that swell up instantly.  The ones she received at the corners of her eyes, she does not mind, because she says they lessen the wrinkles there.  Newfie Botox!

Anyway, I am going to try to post a few photos of things that are finally beginning to grow.  I planted everything the same week, earlier than advised by a friend who has connections to farmers that have farmed for over 100 years.  However, if  I waited any longer to plant, the seeds would never get in the ground.  Survival of the fittest.

I also obtained the new chicks about two weeks ago and they are growing fast.  Still under the heat lamp until they get their big-girl feathers. That is, if they are girls!  The girl at the Farmers Co-op said they were not sexed and cannot tell if they are male or female!  There will be some racket in the hen house if I have four roosters, in addition to the one I already have!  Time will tell.

Let me see if I can post the photos.

Strawberry patch, that needs some major weeding!
A few potatoes have poked their noses out of the ground.


  1. Good job on the blog so far! And maybe in August when we visit I can bake something using your eggs and write about it on my own blog. I haven't had the chance to bake with farm fresh eggs yet so that will be a treat.

    The kids can't wait to see all the chickens either.

  2. Good job on the blog, I will be there in September to help harvest, lol.

  3. My potatoe stalks are up a foot in height and is only july 6....Neil

  4. When did you plant them! Must be good soil and growing conditions where you live. Maybe you are giving yours more TLC than I am!