Saturday, 12 November 2011

Around the yard during Fall.

Silkie trying to hide from me.

As I mentioned earlier, Mitchell, my nephew, just showed me how to transfer photos from my camera to the computer!!!  Was doing it on the old laptop before, but that one is broken now.  Anyway, here are some photos I took a week ago when I was out farting around the yard.

The silkie tried to run away from me.  Not very photogenic at all--not like Rodney!

Below, they were hiding under a shrub next to the house.  They are like archeologists, the way they have the ground scratched up!
Let them out for a while, and they hide under the bushes.

Added some hay from the hen house, to the middle garden.

Rod is such a poser!

Just hanging out around the back yard.

Burning excess wood scraps (and secret documents).

Enjoying freedom.

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