Saturday, 12 November 2011

Introducing.......for the second time........Rodney!

My beautiful cockerel, Rodney
This is Rodney, everyone.  Graham must be a chicken whisperer, because when we first got Rodney as a chick, we didn't know if he was a he, or a she! Graham would pick the chicks up, cuddle them, talk to them, and he took a liking to this one and called him Rodney.  I don't know much about roosters, but this one, to me, is a real show bird.  His colours are so vibrant and healthy looking.  His claws are very healthy-looking and perfect too.  He IS a rooster though, and wild with the women!

I just learned how to transfer photos from my camera to the Mac, thanks to my tech-savvy nephew, Mitchell! So, I will go mad now taking pictures and posting them.  Like the molting hens, I am through with my dry spell, grew some new feathers, and I am back in business, posting on my blog.

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