Saturday, 12 November 2011

Yes! We have Eggs!!

I am happy to report that the hens are now laying.  Whew!  I was really getting worried. Started with two a day, then three, then four, and now, I get about six a day, out of 8 layers.  The young Ameraucana is laying because I sometimes get two blue eggs a day! The other Ameraucana, as you know, is a rooster, and what a gorgeous rooster he is.  He's a bit wild though!  He was "on" one of the hens today, as a matter of fact, and I thought he was just doing his rooster duties, but he started plucking feathers out of the hen!  I was horrified.

The Silkies, I am not sure are laying yet.  Their eggs were supposed to be beige, I thought, but I will have to do more research on that.  They are very timid birds.  I read that they were more cuddly and good pets to have, but my two, I can't look at them the wrong way and they are gone like a shot!  I suppose the two roosters in the pen have their nerves shot!

Anyway, just glad I am getting eggs again.  I have been opening the pen gate and letting them free-range all over the yard so maybe they are repaying me!  When I go outside, they come running at me just like a bunch of velociraptors in the Jurassic Park movie!  You'd swear I never fed them ever! I think they are enjoying their bit of freedom though, before the winter comes and they are hen-house-bound.

Stay tuned. Going to winterize the henhouse a bit more before too long.

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