Monday, 8 August 2011

Blue Egg!

Blue egg I discovered today.
Same blue egg, but it is difficult to see the colour in that light.

Same blue egg. Experimenting with camera settings.

Blue egg again!

And finally, that same blue egg with its siblings!
I could not capture the colour very well with my little, old digital camera! I was very surprised to see a blue egg this morning, and excited for the ones to come when the Ameraucanas begin to lay in the fall.  I still am not sure exactly which hen laid that, so I will begin my experiment tomorrow.  I am going to cage one chicken for a few days in the dog kennel until I see it lay a blue egg.  I feel like Rumplestilskin waiting for the poor girl to spin straw into gold!

Hey, did you see that sun today!  The pavement was actually dry in spots! When it dries up a little more, it will be time to mow the lawns again! No rest for the wicked!

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