Friday, 12 August 2011


Billy (God rest his soul) as a kid!

Mario (God rest his soul), Billys dad.

Daisy (God love her), Billys mom.
Let me tell you the story of the goats, and not the Mobile goats either! Melanie, my niece, and her boyfriend, Mark, live on Colonial Street, how are ya!  If you can picture this, they had two goats there as pets.  They were Mario and Daisy.  They kept them in the back yard of Colonial Street!  I know, I know. How on earth did they manage that.  Well, they did but they asked if we would take them because I think the goats were making noise and the neighbours were complaining.  Never mind the smell! Anyway, it was pretty exciting when we got them. The grazed all the time and had such a good life here in Logy Bay.  They would go on the lawn and in the compost, and cars would almost crash coming down the road with drivers doing double-takes as they realized there were goats on my lawn.  They always stayed around the yard though,and at night, headed for the barn.

Mario and Daisy gave birth to two kids while I had them.  The first one was Billy, and almost a year later, Maisie came along.

We built an enclosed pen for them eventually, and they seemed happy enough. However, circumstances change and the were beginning to be a lot of work for me, so Melanie and Mark, having moved away to Nova Scotia, made arrangements for Lesters to take all the goats to their hobby farm until Melanie and Mark returned in a couple of years. 

So there I was, bringing the goats to Lesters farm, on a sunny Saturday, with four goats in the back of my SUV.  We lured them into the back with food, and they stood very quietly as we drove through downtown. I got many strange looks when people realized I had four goats in the back seat.  We managed to get them to Lesters and they have been there ever since.

Daisy is still alive, but Billy and Mario are dead. Mario and Daisy went on to have another kid when I had them.  It was a female which we named Maisie.  She is also alive and well and living at Lesters (Maybe that is where Elvis is too).  Mario and Daisy got pregnant yet again (I think they are Catholic goats) and had twins while living at Lesters, a black one and white one, males. They were so cute as kids.  We named them (at least I did) Bobby and Teddy.  Bobby died too, so now there are Daisy, Masie, and Teddy left at Lesters.  They may be moving to Logy Bay, but I still havent decided yet.

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