Sunday, 7 August 2011


This actually looks inviting!
I figured if I showed images of snow, I wouldn't be too bummed out about this rain, drizzle, and fog!  My God, have you seen the like! The chickens are even going stir crazy!  Woke up this morning and looked out my patio door and there were 5 chickens looking me in the face through the glass!  The wind must have blown the hen house door open last night and there they all were, large as life, free-ranging all over the place!  I would have left them be for a while but I am only now getting  a few berries on the plants and those critters would have destroyed them in no time.

So there I was, barely awake, in my bathrobe, rubber boots on, trudging through the long, wet grass, chasing chickens trying to cajole them back into the hen house!  They were all soaking wet, nervous as cats, and squawking every time I looked at them!  I tricked some of them into the hen house with a handful of rolled oats and they followed like I was the pied piper.  The babies were not biting though, and they stayed out around the yard, all four of them fretting all at once, together.  I got the adults in and closed the door, then chased the little ones around until I managed to get them over the fence.  Wet feathers stuck all over my hands and bathrobe! They aren't quicker than me........yet though.

Anyway, they are all back in their quarters now, safe and sound, and me too, with a hot cup of tea listening to Cool Jazz on the Coast.  The only thing missing now is that cabin in the snow up there, with a fire crackling inside!  I'll have to plug in my little fake wood stove,  turn on the electric flames, close my eyes, and use my imagination!

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  1. Snow. I have the heat on in my August! Mad

    Like the blog looks great!