Thursday, 4 August 2011


Just picked - ready for a salad.

Well, my strawberries are small but they are very sweet and tasty, I must say.  There seems to be about this much as in the picture, ripe every day and what I have been doing is just stopping between mowing the lawn and picking at the walkway, to snack on the ripe ones.  I am going to try to collect a few, freeze them, then save them for jam or some other dessert.  This year, the strawberries are growing a lot better than last year. I hear John Lester is having a good crop too!  He said they are having a longer growing season with the lack of sun.  Anyway, I can barely keep my little patch under control; I cannot imagine managing the fields of strawberries he has!

The raspberry bushes I have look like there are a lot of berries on them, but the plants are kinda frail-looking. We will have to see in a week or so.

I am looking forward to picking berries later on in the summer and early fall.  I like to go for the cranberries that grow along the cliffs just up from Marine Lab. Lots of blueberries and partridge berries down that way too.

Apronful of berries!

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