Sunday, 21 August 2011

Iceberg Farm

St. Anthony, NL Iceberg

Iceberg in St. Anthony, NL

Iceberg in St. Anthony, NL

The beans and garlic may not be doing very well this year's growing season, but have you seen the icebergs off St. Anthony!  Amazing!  There are hundreds, including the Petermann Ice Island. My friend, who is an amateur photographer, has allowed me to use some of his awesome images that he captured over the last few weeks.  While the photos do give the viewer a good idea of how may and how big some of the bergs are, I am sure it doesn't compare to being there in person to see them, feel the coolness from them, hear them crack and break, and smell them.  My friend told me that people in St. Carol's have been kept awake at night with the crashing and banging of the breaking ice.  It must be unbelievable to be there.

What a great summer for tourism at the Northern Peninsula.  Funnily enough, in the news last week, a woman from the United States was on the radio complaining of not seeing a single icebergs in the Twillingate area when she visited there this past month.  Why wasn't she directed to St. Anthony?  Not only were there tons of icebergs up around St. Anthony, but there were killer whales swimming about, and lot of seals on the floating ice too!  In fact, there were so many tourists in the St. Anthony area the past few weeks, the gas station had run out of fuel, restaurants in the area recorded best year yet in sales, and there were absolutely no vacancies for accommodations in the area. Maybe the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador should look into promoting that area of the Province a bit more aggressively in their tourism ads.  Never been there, myself, but I think that is about to change.

Thanks Chris Patey, for your awesome photographs. If anyone would like to view his work, especially the icebergs around of late, check out his Facebook page ( as he has allowed access to it for a limited time so that he can share a piece of St. Anthony with everyone. I have posted a few here to give you a taste.

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