Friday, 12 August 2011

More Blue Eggs! Yay!!

Blue egg amongst the brown ones.
 What a nice surprise to find a blue egg in the nest every day.  The blue ones are slightly smaller than the rest, and pointier!  Weird!  They look so pretty.  I am saving them up so I will have a full dozen of blue ones.

Today, I put the culprit, I think, in the cage I have in the hen house, and I will leave that chicken there for a few days to see if she is the one laying the blue eggs.  I am just very curious.  Again, that odd chicken has a very small comb and no wattles so because it is different from the rest of the chickens, I think it is the one laying the blue eggs.  We will see.
Hmmmm. Where am I gonna put the goats!
 Yes, thats right, I said GOATS!  Melanie and Mark are home now and have three of their pygmy goats at Lesters on Pearltown Road.  They have been, I guess, fostering them while Mark and Melanie are away at school.  I am contemplating taking them back, as I had them a few years ago for a couple of years before we got the chickens.  They are more work than the chickens, but I am thinking, maybe they will keep each other warm and entertained over the winter.  BUT, I am also thinking, if they get out of the pen once, my plants are history.  All my hard work gone to goat feed.  They are quite entertaining to have as pets though.  I think if I can get the hen house (barn) straightened up, I am leaning towards taking them.  Gotta see if I can wrangle me a carpenter first.
This is my Silkie. Getting fairly big now.
Peek-a-boo! I cannot look at the hens sideways, and they squawk their heads off.  Especially the rooster.  Today, when I put the odd chicken in the cage as part of my experiment, I had to grab it by the tail feathers and do a bit of wrestling before I got a good grip on it. Well the rooster flipped out! He was clucking and crowing like there was no tomorrow.  I felt like saying to him, go lie down!  I think I did say that to him, but he just would not listen.

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  1. That's so exciting to possibly have the goats back. I still can't eat goat cheese though!