Sunday, 31 July 2011

The Chicks are Growing!

Chicks are starting to scratch around outside the henhouse.
 The Silkies are very fluffy now. They are funny to watch. In the evening, they all jump up to roost on a wall in the hen house, and the white Silkies sneak in between the two Ameraucanas to get the warm spot.  They do not like being on the outside.  Reminds me of when I was younger and there were a dozen of us sleeping in the one bed. No one wanted the outside then either.
The two Ameraucanas. I think the one on the left might be a rooster!
 I was at the Farmers Coop yesterday to get more hay and feed, and asked the experts there if I could tell whether the chicks were male or female at this point.  They told me that if the comb is really red, it is probably a rooster.  The one on the left above has the beginnings of a red comb! I ignorantly asked if I should be able to tell if they were male by turning them over and looking at their anatomy!  They laughed at me and said all the organs are internal!!! I had been doing that and indeed, they all look the same. I noticed the older rooster I have mating with the hens and I cannot figure it out!

The brown colours in these chicks are very pretty.
Chicks braving the big outside world.

The four young ones stick together.

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