Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Dead Chicken

When I arrived home from PEI at around suppertime, I went to check on the chickens and saw a dead white Leghorn in the hen house!  The water bucket was tipped over and dry as a bone so I am guessing it died of dehydration. There was a small amount of water in the henhouse, but  it was quite hot while I was gone.  Poor thing.  The boys insisted that they ensured the chickens had water!!  Survival of the fittest.

That same night, I was driving out Logy Bay Road and saw a panicked black cat zoom across the road from ditch to ditch, then zoom back across, then back the other way!  As I slammed on the brakes, I felt the thump of running over something! The cat!!  It is a horrible feeling!  I stopped on the way back from picking up Graham, and there was no sign of a cat!!  Maybe they really do have nine lives!  There was no blood or guts on the road, and nothing on my vehicle.

Pet cemetery!!!

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