Saturday, 30 July 2011

Many Hands Make Light Work

Gail painting the trim.

Alysha mowing.
Last weekend, Gail and Alysha came by wanting to walk the Signal Hill trail but I complained that I had too much to do around the yard.  Well, they offered to help me, so we went for the walk and then came back to mow, paint, etc.  The old shed, which is now the hen house, was built 20+ years ago when dads house was standing where my house now stands.  It was built out of wood from Aunt Margs house which was about 100 years old when it was torn down.  Needless to say, the wood was very old, dried out, and rotted in some places.  So, I decided to paint it to make it look like new again - sort of!  I only got around to doing the trim (black).  Next week, I will get Brian to get me a deal on paint at his work and paint the white parts.

Gail helped me paint, while Alysha tried her hand at mowing.  I was even able to weed the gardens.  Thanks girls.

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