Friday, 8 July 2011

Oh, the Heat!

While we were driving around Ottawa admiring the gardens and landscapes, Gail said to me, "Joan, you would have some garden if you lived here." And that I would, but then I got thinking, it is so hot in summer in Ontario that you would have to do all the heavy chores before the sun shines too brightly, or in the evening. The heat is sweltering there and while the soil is less rocky and easier to garden in, I'll take the rocky coolnes of Newfoundland any day. At least here, we can go out on a cool day, start digging or working and work up a sweat to warm up and work comfortably.

Anyway, the chicks are growing fast. They were beginning to hop out of the box I had them in so I transferred them to a large dog kennel that I put in the hen house. Now they will get used to the barn and older chickens, and the seniors will get used to the chicks. Before long, I won't be able to tell which hen is which! I will post a few photos later this evening.

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