Tuesday, 19 July 2011


I've been sitting in the Halifax airport for over four hours now, and oh, the wildlife here!  On my way to PEI where there are definitely greener pastures. However, there are some wild, wild chickens here in the airport.  For instance, this one lady and her husband who had matching plaid shirts.  Odd to see that in a 70+ year old couple but at least they won't lose each other.

Then, this other couple, the wife was, how would you say, very large! She was obviously feeling very warm, as she fanned herself with her hands, and fanned her loose, knee-length skirt to cool herself off.  Trouble was, legs were sprawled and she exposed herself every time she fanned!  The man across the aisle from here was surely entertained.  She continued to pick her feet, put on her socks, shoes, adjust her boobs in her bra, and I believe she lost her glasses down her cleavage!  Her husband left for a few minutes, then came back with three bars which she studied carefully, then chose the Crispy Crunch bar while stuffing the Oh Henry into her bag.  Her husband was eating an Eatmore bar and she took a bite of it.  Then, she shoved the whole of her bar in her mouth in one shot!

Once she was satiated, she began to work on her "Puzzles to Exerise the Brain" book for which she needed a pen, and plucked the pen right out of her husband's hand without asking as he was doing a crossword!  This seems like a dangerous breed to me and I think I had better steer clear.

Going to finally board for PEI soon.  Can't wait to see the potatoe fields, beaches, calmness of PEI.

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