Monday, 25 July 2011


Llamas and Sheep

Playing frisbie on the beach.

If I were queen, this would be my throne! A John Deer!

Road leading  out of the cottage.

Friends since Grade 4!
What a trip to PEI! It is such a relaxing, peaceful place to visit. My friend, Laura Lee, is the most welcoming host ever. She and her family housed and fed me for five days in their beautiful cottage by the beach. All her siblings came from all over to be with their mother on her 75th birthday. I have been pretty much a part of their family since I was in Grade 4 and became friends with Laura Lee.  I thought her family was so cool because they had instant hot chocolate, not the kind we had to drink made from cocoa and sugar and canned milk! I had hippy brothers who had black lights in their rooms and egg cartons on their ceiling.  She thought that was very cool.  I thought it was super cool that she had her own room, and own bed!! in her basement next to her two older sisters room that was divided by a blanket hung from the ceiling.

We came from two very different families but with a lot of similarities too, and we remained friends since 1974; true, good friends, a that.  Thanks, Laura Lee, for one of the best trips I have taken yet!

In the photos above, were llamas we passed on the road with sheep grazing in the background. Farm animals and farm life are just so appealing to me.

Five Sisters Lavender Farm in PEI
 One of the highlights of the trip was a visit to this lavender farm. It was on the side of a soft hill overlooking green fields and an old farm house. There were rows and rows of lavender growing. The owner, Carol, had a potting shed which was the gift shop that was filled with lavender everything, from jelly, to syrup, to soap, to oil, tea, sachets, everything lavender!  It was wonderful. On the other end of the shed, was where the horse was kept and the barn smell from the horse, mixed with the lavender scent was perfume for the soul! There was also a Fairy Trail through the woods there too, with a narrow grassy path to follow and all kinds of trinkets, charms, fairy things hanging in the trees all along the path.  Benches were strategically placed along the path for anyone who wanted to stop and take in the sights and sounds, or just sit and think. It really was a spiritual place and like I said, a most enjoyable part of the trip to PEI.

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